Everything you Need to Know about AGV Mobile Robot Chassis


Many times, people tend to use the acronym AGV without having to understand what it is. AGV is an acronym for automated guided vehicles. In manufacturing industries, this robot has become an important tool to ensure ease in work processes.

Have you been trying to find out what AGV mobile robot chassis is? What information do you have about this subject matter? If you want to find out necessary information about this then you should stick to this article. You will find out what this robot is, the advantages and some of the things you should look into before you consider getting an AGV mobile robot chassis.

What is an AGV Mobile Robot Chassis?

As stated earlier, AGV is an acronym for automated guided vehicles. Automated guided vehicles are those vehicles that are used mostly in industries, warehouses or factories to take important materials from one location to another. Most of the time, humans are the ones who take materials in a warehouse from one location to the other but with the aid of automated guided vehicles materials can be moved without human interference.

It is possible for you to program its destination with the aid of a collision warning. This robotic system is composed of magnets, visual makers, radio waves and many other things that ensure its functionality.

Advantages of an AGV Mobile Robot Chassis

It takes out errors

Sometimes when humans handle materials, there is a tendency for there to be a mistake in handling it. Error elimination seems to be one of the primary purposes of creating an AGV robot.

Safety of materials

With an AGV, your materials are in safe hands. You would not be risking spills or breaks. Even when moving around the environment, softwares has been put in place to ensure that it doesn’t collide with humans in the office that would result in something else.

Cost of labor is reduced

One of the things that make company owners happy is the fact that they don’t have too many people working in the environment but can still meet their deadlines without a hassle. If you do not have technology like this in your workplace, you might need to employ more people just so that things can go smoothly. But with an AGV, you don’t have to employ so many people again. It would take the role that many people are supposed to take.

Things to Consider Before Buying an AGV Mobile Robot Chassis

Do you need an AGV?

This is a question you should ask yourself. If you are able to analyze this well, you would be able to determine workflow and how things would go in the office environment.

What type are you purchasing?

There are different types of AGVs. The most common types are the Unit Load Automatic Guided Vehicle, Tugger Automatic Guided Vehicle, and Forklift Automatic Guided Vehicle. Which of all these would you like to purchase? Note that all of them perform functions that are different from each other, do well to make the necessary research and purchase the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Purchase according to your needs

Cost should be considered too. Consider the price of AGV mobile robot chassis you need before making a purchase. If you find out that you can’t purchase it at a time then you should be patient until you are financially stable. Purchase decisions are crucial decisions that should be made careful. Do not rush into it. Evaluate your options and choose the one that fits into your system effectively and efficiently.


Having read all the tips in these articles, you have a handful of knowledge about an AGV Mobile Robot chassis. No doubt, they would be an extra addition to the productivity in your workplace. Are you prepared to invest in machine handling equipment to expedite your project? Please get in touch with the best suppliers right away. With a thorough understanding of the operation and motion of heavy weights, they will provide you with the best industrial systems & equipment of the highest caliber.


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